Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Constantly Losing

The following is a true account of me making small talk with a girl in my institute class. She mentioned she was excited she was looking forward to watching the Superbowl with her family.

Please note that I would never have continued the football discussion had she not brought it up herself.

Me: So, are you rooting for the Falcons or the Patriots?

Girl: I don't even know who's playing.

Me: *Silently blinking at her and wondering once again why I try to connect with people.*

I don't get people. I literally just told her, in my question, who was playing and she still couldn't name one team that will be playing in this Superbowl!  I'm not a die hard football fan by any means, despite the efforts of my wonderful Bears 101 professor who tried his hardest to teach me the finer points of the game, but really that question didn't require a whole lot of football knowledge. If any...

Note: I passed my Bears 101 course and have become a committed Chicago Bears fan (committed in that they are my favorite team besides the Dillon Panthers... and  also committed in the fact that it allows me to have something sporty and interesting to talk about on dates :) )

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  1. Bears 101! I'd forgotten about that class. It is hard to find quality education like that for free. :)