Sunday, October 28, 2012

Texting is the Bane of my Existence...

....mostly because there seems to be no etiquette involved.  I got a text at 12:26 AM to inform me of the musical numbers that were to be included in the Sunday program in eight and a half hours. This was obviously vital information that could not wait, so it in no way prompted me to get out of bed and start typing this diatribe.

One of the main reasons that I don't like texting because of the horrible effect that it has had on human interaction.  It would seem odd that someone as anti-social as me would hate the very technology that enables one to have the least amount of contact with other humans, but in a cruel twist of irony, texting has made me miss real face-to-face human contact that actually meant something.  Now most of my interactions with friends occurs via a screen and is so watered down that I'm not even sure if I can count it as a social interaction, because its so superficial.  You win cruel world: I miss interacting with real people.  Honestly it has gotten to the point where when some people text me, its almost physically painful because I view their text as not caring enough to pick up the phone and call (you win again cruel world, I even miss talking on the phone. This does not apply to all people or situations, but oft times lately I have felt this way.)

I also hate it because it is a cop-out. Its a way not to have to face real emotions and real feelings.  Intricate questions that should be asked on a date, for example, have been sent to me via text message.  I don't know how to respond to these questions because A) I'm caught off guard by the question itself and B) the medium through which the question is asked is entirely inappropriate. Also, texting gives individuals false courage to say whatever they feel like saying....the medium distances them from seeing or caring how their words affect their poor recipient/victim.  I haven't seen this particular situation myself, but on a lesser scale I have because unfortunately there is no sarcasm font, and I am sure that the things that I text are not always interpreted correctly---and despite what people think,  THIS:  :) or :( or any other emoticon, does not actually make what one says via text okay.

Its amazing how quickly the technology of  texting took off, but the effects that come from texting have appeared just as rapidly.  Our society is filled with socially inept, and socially immature people---and the really scary part is that the majority of society does not have a problem with it.

There are many more ways in which the technology of texting has become the bane of my existence, but I should probably try to go back to sleep rather than attempt to expound on them right now...but if another even  more incoherent post immediately follows this (or if you hear of my arrest on the news) you'll know that it is due to some moron texting me at a socially inappropriate hour.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Too Old to Be in a Singles Ward....

....and not because I think that 23 is old. Its more that I'm an old soul. I really think that I'm like an 80 year old at heart.  This unfortunately means that I have a hard time relating to the other people in my ward, and it also means that I don't like the idea of watching an outdoor movie for Family Home Evening in mid-October.  I like movies.  I like being outside. I cannot tolerate being cold though, so I draw the line when it comes to sitting on the cold hard ground on an even even colder, frosty Fall night.

Also, this might just be my elderly crankiness coming out, but when did watching movies become a good way to socialize and meet people?  Admittedly the last outdoor movie Family Home Evening I went to (which I was excited about, at first, but then again that was because it was held during the Summer...), I did meet people, but they made me feel somewhat homicidal because they were once again, still not good for socializing.

And to keep the tirade going: we watched a movie last week for FHE! I guess it still beats speed dating though.