Monday, November 5, 2012

Awful Aptitudes

You know how some people have very obvious talents like singing or drawing or playing the piano?  Welllll, I was not blessed with such talents. In fact, my talents are so obscure that even I'm not sure what they are; but tonight I recognized not only one, but two!

Unfortunately they tend to make me seem like a creeper.

First of all, not only do I have "a command of thoroughly useless information" but sometimes this useless information is about near-strangers.  The awkwardness of meeting new people often cements into my mind minute details about said person.  Every time I see this person at, oh say, a ward activity, my brain is able to key in on these details.

This would be an awesome talent if I could share it, but I have to use all of my willpower to hold back the ten facts that I know about this person when they start saying that we've never met and ask me what my name is. I have to hide my light under a bushel so that I don't creep people out.

My second talents that I discovered tonight is that I have keen observation skills--and not in a 'outside- your-window-on-a-tree-branch-with-a-pair-of- binoculars' kind of way.  And perhaps even more impressive, not in a Facebook Stalker kind of way either.  I think that this talent is what led me to study psychology and to learn to love classics, because both teach you about the human condition.  I sought to understand that things that I have observed.  This skill though helps me to glean even more information about people (see above for how this would make me seem like even more of a creeper).

Actually I guess I just discovered another talent: keeping my mouth shut and hiding my crazy (except for those rare occasions when I open up and share my inner most thoughts and desires and craziness on the Internet...)